Ambience Of The World (Why I’ll Always Be Four Years Old)

About a year and a half ago I decided to purchase an Olympus LS14. Although originally intended to be a quick and easy solution to recording outside of the studio for clients, I’ve since gotten into the habit of taking it with me everywhere. As an audio engineer I’ve been trained … Read More

Elite Dangerous Soundtrack

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During my recent move from the UK to Australia, I had to downscale. Pretty much everything I owned was crammed into a suitcase or a cardboard box set for a ten week journey across the pacific. One of the things that sadly didn’t make the list was my old iMac which, with … Read More


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Believe it or not, the Yaybahar is a completely acoustic instrument. No electronics, no effects, just some clever physics. Designed and performed by a guy from Turkey called Görkem Şen, the vibrations from the strings are sent down two coiled wires which bounce the sound back and forth between the bridge and the … Read More