If you have a brief and need some music then you’ve come to the right place! I am a composer, producer and audio engineer based in Brisbane, Australia and I specialise in providing composition services to anywhere in the world. With several years of experience and industry success, such as composing the soundtrack for international best selling computer games X3 Terran Conflict and X-Rebirth, as well as the recording and production the MOJO Magazine’s New Voice 2011 Award winner, Elinor Alicia Gray, you can be guaranteed I’ll be able to deliver premium results without the premium price tag. I can also offer a variety of other audio based services whether you’re a singer/songwriter looking for some demos, a film student at uni with no background music or (ideally) the music director of a multi million dollar company with cash to burn.

Do not hesitate to see what I can do below, check out my portfolio and get in touch!


  • Video games.
  • Mobile games.
  • Music for film and television.
  • Advertisements and jingles.
  • Radio and television trailers.
  • Music for youtube videos (and any other reputable video hosting websites of course).
  • Music for professional events such as conventions and presentation.


  • Songwriting assistance including creative input and advice such as (but not limited to) composition, arrangement, sample sourcing and instrument selection.
  • Session performances for existing recordings.
  • In depth supervision of the entire creative process from start to finish.
  • Session management and honest critical feedback (lets be real, you want to be the best you can be, right?).

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Audio Engineer

  • Small scale singer/songwriter style artists.
  • Clear and detailed dialogue recording for television, film and games (ADR).
  • Basic location recording for events and performances.
  • Stem mixing of pre recorded tracks.
  • Remixing of existing songs.
  • Mastering services including frequency balancing, dynamics optimisation and level enhancement.