Recording With Barry Jones

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Over the past few months I’ve had the pleasure of recording a guy called Barry Jones. He’s rather good. Watch this space. Having spent many years writing, recording and touring the UK as the guitarist and backing vocalist for Through Colour/The Wild The Youth he is now embarking on the journey of putting together his first proper release as a solo artist. We’d originally planned to do about ten songs but, due to time constraints, we had to cut it back to six. Still, it’s better to have quality over quantity. I really think he’s on to something with his almost retro style of songwriting, ranging from Motown to moody Blues, and beautifully unique voice which effortlessly layers up to provide some amazing hamonies.

It’s not exactly been a conventional recording process, with the majority of sessions taking place underneath the stairs in the hallway of his old apartment. Using a duffel coat as a reflection filter and taking advantage of some very tall ceilings we recorded the acoustic guitar on the same Martin guitar used on all of the old Deafen The Creatures recordings. With a cup of tea constantly on standby, not to mention the gourmet dinner breaks (for example, slow roasted chicken with new potatoes, chorizo and orange) cooked up byMr  Barry Jones himself, we spent a fair few nights getting take after take until at least 3am.

Friday night funky guitars with @jazzyjustjamming #Recording #Cuppa #TeaRex

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The electric guitars and bass (delicately provided by trusty long-time favourite session guru that is Kieran Joyce) were sent through a myriad of new effects pedals to provide some of the crispest sounds I’ve ever worked with. Meanwhile, all of the vocals were all recorded with an SE Electronics 2200T at Barry’s new house in either the spacious realms of the kitchen or the ghetto confines of the basement. What you wont hear on the final mixes, however, is the sound of the neighbour drilling into the walls or being situated directly under the flightpath for Manchester airport which made the timing for getting some good vocal takes quite interesting.

What Next For Barry Jones?

Over the next few weeks I’ll be packing my bags and heading over to Australia, but once I’m settled in and over the jet lag I’ll be getting back down to business. Hopefully I’ll be making a start on the mixing in February. Everything is recorded, save for a trombonist I’ll need to find over there and ask nicely to cooperate, so over the next few months I look forward to working closely with Barry from the other side of the world with a little help from Soundcloud, Dropbox and Skype of course. I genuinely can’t wait to share these tracks with you!

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