As a life-long fan of space games, in particular the X Series of games by Egosoft (for whom I had previously composed the soundtrack for X3 Terran Conflict), it was an absolute pleasure to be asked back onboard to work for them again on their latest release X Rebirth. Although the majority of the main trailer music and theme music had already been composed by the incredibly talented Alexei Zakharov at the point when I was approached, there was still plenty of background soundtrack music required for during gameplay. Based upon my previous experience of working for Egosoft I had a much better idea of the people involved and of what was required meaning I could use my time a lot more effectively. From end to end the project essentially took only a couple of weeks, as opposed to a number of months as when working on X3 Terran Conflict a number of years earlier, with many of the songs being completed from start to finish during a solid 12 hour session.

This project was a great experience and allowed me to complete what felt like ‘unfinished business’ having studied Audio Engineering at SAE Institute in Liverpool and gained both significant experience and skill in the years since last working for Egosoft. X Rebirth went on to be released in November 2013 and was the #1 selling game on Steam for three weeks, outselling many other prestigious games such as Call Of Duty: Ghosts, Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag and Need For Speed Rivals.