I first met this band whilst studying Audio Engineering at SAE Institute in Liverpool. As part of our final assessment we were required to source, record, mix, produce and master a local solo artist or full band. Through a friend of one of my classmates Josh Humphries (who later went on to write and perform with Cities To Satellites, who I also recorded) I found Liam, Sean and Lee of The Ora.

The Ora @ SAE Liverpool

They got to record a track for free in a high end studio and I got a band for my end of year project, so it was a pretty happy mutual arrangement. After the course was over we kept in contact and later that year we decided to join back up and do a full EP. The good thing about these guys was that they knew exactly what they wanted and had a very clear vision which made the whole recording process an absolute blast. One of my personal highlights was travelling to Liam’s college in Liverpool and recording about 20 of his fellow students singing the chorus to their song Heartstring. We ended up doing about 10 takes of the same part and, whilst editing, I decided to try playing all the separate takes together and layering them up to create a large crowd type effect. The band loved this and kept it in the final mix of the song, which can be heard during the breakdown section after the second chorus.

In addition to recording and mixing, I also took on quite a substantial role in helping source and develop the band’s imagery including their photography, EP artwork and online presence (official website, Facebook, Twitter etc). However, sadly, The Ora are no longer writing and performing together.

  • Project Type: Band recording
  • Services Provided: Recording, mixing, production
  • Client: The Ora
  • Release Mar 2011
  • Website: