This is a project that I worked on shortly after finishing my Audio Engineering course at SAE Liverpool, inspired by the Supermassive Black Hole remix I’d completed for my electronic arrangement assignment. I wanted to create something of a similar vibe so I searched for vocal acapellas of popular songs and settled on Mr Brightside by The Killers. Wanting to do a little more than just a basic electronic style remix I incorporated a few orchestral elements and, inspired by the disco genre which was quite prevalent at the time, wrote and performed the guitar parts too. This was also one of the first major projects I’d undertaken since switching from my older PC set up running Cubase SX3 (yes I know, how archaic that seems now!) to a Macbook running Logic 8.

  • Project Type: Remix
  • Services Provided: Music composition, arrangement, production, mixing, mastering
  • Client: Daniel Finney
  • Released: Jun 2010
  • Website: