This project was for my Electronic Arrangement assignment while I was studying Audio Engineering at SAE Institute Liverpool back in 2009. I’m going to be honest, I’d never really tried doing a remix or working exclusively with the electronic genre before so to have this assignment thrown at me was quite an eye opener. The main part of the brief was to incorporate a well known pop/rock song into a self composed and arranged electronic remix and to use two separate instances of the vocal track. This was achieved by using a single line from both the verse and the chorus of the original song, pitch shifting them and then arranging/looping them to fit the structure of the remix. In addition to this, both lines were sliced into quarter note segments and rearranged to create the vocal effect at 2:09. I went on to receive full marks for this assignment and the track was later used as a featured piece of work by the university.

  • Project Type: Remix
  • Services Provided: Music composition, arrangement, production, mixing, mastering
  • Client: SAE Institute Liverpool
  • Released: Dec 2009
  • Website: