This project was the result of a rather ‘spur of the moment’ type opportunity. A couple of weeks before the band Everything Everything had released their 2nd full studio album Man Alive, they had opened up a remix competition on their Soundcloud page and offered the stem recordings of their single Final Form to anyone who was willing to remix the track. The winner of the competition would go on to have their remix featured as a B-side when the album was released. As a fan of the band’s first album Arc I felt compelled to enter the competition just to see what I could do. I decided to go for the more traditional ‘club style’ remix and, within a matter of days, everything had come together and the track was finished. I duly posted the track on Everything Everything’s Soundcloud page and received an overwhelmingly good initial response with it reaching as far as the final 8 in the competition. Sadly it wasn’t meant to be and my remix wasn’t chosen as the winner of the competition but, to this day, it still remains one of my most popular and commercially viable tracks.