Whilst writing and performing alongside Elinor Alicia Gray in Deafen The Creatures, I had the opportunity to also work with her as a solo artist. A couple of months after meeting I was casually asked to help arrange, record and mix a track which ultimately only took one session and a handful of hours. Since Elle couldn’t play any instruments at the time I was also asked to write and perform the piano part heard in the track.

MOJO Magazine's New Voice 2011 AwardLittle did I know that the song was entered into MOJO Magazine’s New Voice 2011 competition until later that year when I got a very excited message from her saying that she had made it through to the final stage of the competition and was asked to play alongside the remaining nine artists at the Gibson Guitars HQ in London. With the help of long time friend and musical collaborator Kieran Joyce we made the trip down, waited around for the majority of the day and performed our three song set (in our opinion, quite terribly). Cue more waiting around. Needless to say we were gobsmacked when, after all of the artists had performed, Elle was announced as the winner of the competition and handed the MOJO Magazine New Voice 2011 award! She later went on to write and perform a number of her own songs as Elinor Alicia Gray and The Merry Pranksters across the UK and France to much critical acclaim.

  • Project Type: Full production
  • Services provided: Piano composition, recording, mixing, production, mastering
  • Client: Elinor Alicia Gray
  • Released: May 2011
  • Website: http://elinoraliciagray.bandcamp.com/