Recording with Deafen The CreaturesAfter achieving a decent level of success with the release of The Way The Noise Began, I was back writing and recording again with Deafen The Creatures pretty soon. For our second EP we wanted to step up the production and get a much bigger sound, learning from the mistakes of the first EP and focusing more on the electronic aspects of the songs such as the beats, sampling and effects processing. What followed was a lengthy process of songwriting and fine tuning that took over six months to complete, whilst still extensively performing live shows across the north west of the UK. Although we wanted to retain the same kind of musical feel from before, we explored a combination of a darker yet more commercially available sound.

Again I was charged with artwork and distribution, calling upon Jennifer Birch and Ian Blundell (now of Papertwin fame) once more. Taking into consideration the difficulties we faced with the physical copies of the first EP, we decided to release this latest EP in solely digital format through various online platforms such as Bandcamp, Spotify and iTunes. Following the success of our singer Elinor Alicia Gray with winning the MOJO Magazine New Voice 2011 award, we were fortunate enough to gain coverage on BBC6 Music with Tom Robinson and were asked down to London for an interview session with our tracks also being played on air a number of times over the following weeks.

Following this success the band continued performing at a number of venues across the UK including the opening ceremony of Edge Hill University’s new Rose Theatre supporting Kyla La Grange which, coincidentally enough, was filmed and edited by the very same Papertwin guys mentioned above.

We also recorded a rather lovely acoustic session with a vintage upright piano at my auntie’s house. This was an interesting little sub project as I was faced with the challenging task of recording the whole performance using as few mics as possible due to both limited space in the hallway and to also avoid filling the entire shot with mic stands and cables (whilst also trying to capture the best audio quality possible of course). In the end we settled for a pair of SE Electronic sE1a mics hidden inside the piano and an SE Electronics sE2200T (sort of) hidden behind the piano. I’d like to also give a massive thanks to Rob Myler who came down and filmed us on the day and later spent an unenviable amount of time converting and editing the countless takes we put him through.

Sadly momentum dropped once various members of the band had moved to different areas of the country, making writing and performing increasingly difficult. Although myself and Kieran are still in regular contact and are currently working on an entirely new and exciting project (keep an eye out in January 2015 is all I can say right now), it’s difficult to see Deafen The Creatures releasing any more new material or performing at another live show in the near future.

  • Project Type: Full production (self released EP)
  • Services Provided: Music composition, recording, mixing, production, distribution
  • Client: Deafen The Creatures
  • Released: Nov 2011
  • Website: