Initially this project was only meant to be a stop gap for long time friend and musical collaborator Kieran Joyce. Whilst studying Popular Music at university, he was required to write and record a number of tracks for an assignment so approached me asking for some basic recordings. What started with a couple of acoustic guitar and vocal tracks very quickly turned into full blown productions and we soon decided to start a new band called Deafen The Creatures. Even once the assignment was completed we carried on writing and recording, bringing in new members and trialling a new ‘live set’ in which the electronic drum beats were played back and manipulated in real time (no pre recorded backing tracks). However, the real breakthrough was when Elinor Alicia Gray was brought onboard to provide a counter to Kieran’s vocals. This opened up the creative process massively and allowed us to achieve the sound we had envisioned from the start, although we never deviated from the concept of recording all the parts entirely in our own homes (a tradition which would be adhered to for all future Deafen The Creatures recordings too).


Deafen The Creatures EPsOnce we had a number of tracks recorded we decided to release our first EP and booked our first live show in at The Zanzibar in Liverpool on 25th March 2011. In addition to the recording and performance side of things I was also tasked with the artwork, manufacturing and distribution of the music. Thankfully I could rely on the wonderful Jennifer Birch and Ian Blundell (now of Papertwin fame) for the cover art and design but had to source a CD manufacturer and distributor myself. Due to a production hiccup the physical copies of the EP were only ready on the same day of the first live show, which meant travelling from Liverpool to Leeds and back to personally collect the CDs with only a handful of hours left before we were due for soundcheck.

Thankfully the gig was a resounding success and Deafen The Creatures went on to extensively perform around the north west of the UK, recording and releasing a second EP This World Of Ours in the November of the same year.

  • Project Type: Full production (self released EP)
  • Services Provided: Music composition, recording, mixing, arrangement, production, distribution
  • Client: Deafen The Creatures
  • Released: Mar 2011
  • Website: