This is a self composed track which was born out of both a sense of frustration and a sense of boredom. What started with the statement of ‘why don’t I make a house track?’ quickly turned from a simple drum loop into a full blown production and, unusually, I’d even decided to lend my own voice to the track. The only previous instance of me ever releasing a track with my own vocals was back when I was 16 and in a high school rock band. It’s best if we don’t go there. I later brought on my long time friend and musical collaborator Kieran Joyce to layer up the vocals with a double track of the main melody and an additional harmony. I’d also originally intended to write a number of tracks and stick together a short EP in this style, hence the change and fade-out at the end of this track, however this never materialised. Hopefully I’ll be picking up this project again in the near future and finishing off what I started.

Oh, and just incase you’re wondering, the cartoon style artwork is a (not so) subtle nod to my employer at the time. A number of my colleagues had spotted this advertisement in Manchester city centre and pointed out a very distinct resemblance to myself. The following week a life-size cardboard cut out of said character appeared in front of the main doors at the office and it’s been a bit of a running joke since then.

  • Project Type: Full production (self released track)
  • Services Provided: Music composition, recording, mixing, production, mastering
  • Client: Daniel Finney
  • Released: Apr 2012
  • Website: