Having met Josh Humphries a couple of years earlier whilst studying Audio Engineering at SAE Institute in Liverpool, it was inevitable that one day we would work together on a project again. When he told me about his new band Cities To Satellites, I headed straight for Elevator Studios in Liverpool with my mics and got a couple of tracks down in a single session (although I’m not quite sure Josh was prepared for it) and, to this day, I’ve not recorded a more pleasing tone than Andrian their guitarist used on the track Surrender. If I remember correctly it was a vintage Fender Telecaster running through various delay and reverb pedals into a Vox AC30 amp and played with a slide. We later recorded the vocals again during a separate session and added some additional guitar and percussion overdubs to finish the tracks which were then released shortly after. Cities To Satellites went on to extensively tour the local area, gaining significant support, however sadly parted ways in February 2014. The majority of the band have now formed Atlas Eyes whilst Josh is currently writing, recording and producing with Polar States.