Whilst playing live shows with Deafen The Creatures I had the pleasure of meeting Caroline England a number of times. We discussed the idea of getting some simple recordings done to start with but as the project developed it became apparent that there was the potential to work together in more detail to help produce and develop the songs even further. After several sessions, all of which were in the spare room in Caroline’s house (with the addition of the very persistent but lovely Daisy the cat), we had recorded a number of tracks and decided to play around with instrumentation, structures, vocal patterns etc. What resulted was a very open (and exciting) canvas with an almost ‘wild west’ style sound to her song Tumbleweed. Caroline later went on to film the above video to the track, having had success on a national level with airplay on BBC6 Music, and is currently in the middle of recording her latest album with various artists and producers from across the globe.

  • Project Type: Full production
  • Services Provided: Recording, arrangement, production, mixing, mastering
  • Client: Caroline England
  • Released: Oct 2012
  • Website: http://carolineengland.co.uk/