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For those of you who know me personally this probably wont come as much of a surprise but, to those of you who I haven’t kept in touch with so well and those of you who I’ve never met at all, I’m now based in Australia! Yep, that’s right, I’ve decided to relocate to the other side of the world. On the 12th of January 2016 I boarded a plane from Manchester to Brisbane to start the next chapter of my life and begin an exciting new adventure down under.

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Why The Big Move To Australia?

My girlfriend Clare was born and raised in Brisbane and, after a couple of years in the UK, decided to head home to be with her family for Christmas last year. This woman means the world to me and since I’ve met her I’ve realised that sometimes you just have to go with what your feelings tell you, jump in head first and push the boat out a little. You can make all the ‘sensible’ choices and draw up as many pros and cons lists as you want but, at the end of the day, the most important thing is to be happy. With that in mind I made the decision to pack my bags and join her over here. Of course I’m going to miss my family and friends a hell of a lot, they’ve been there for me for the past twenty seven and a bit years and have been nothing short of absolutely brilliant, but the world is a small place and with a decent internet connection and such things as Dropbox and Skype, anything is possible.

I’ll be honest, I’ve had a couple of awesome weeks so far! The food, the weather, the company, the sights…it’s all amazing and I absolutely love it here. There are so many interesting places to go and so many exciting things to do. Tomorrow is the traditional Australia Day barbecue and next week I’ll be heading off on a week long road trip to Sydney and then Canberra, followed up by a few weeks on Stradbroke Island. I also somehow managed to luck into skipping the jet lag entirely and trick my body into the new routine immediately. The plan here is to get fit and get some decent finances in the bank with a goal towards buying property and getting a visa that allows me permanent residency in Australia and dual citizenship with the UK.

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What Next?

What does this all mean with regards to my music? Well, for starters I’ve decided to downscale and sell the vast majority of my microphones along with the sheer amount of cables, interfaces and microphone stands that tend to accumulate over time. To be honest, most of it had been just lying around collecting dust, used maybe once or twice over the past few years, so it made sense to get rid. Everything else that survived the great cull is currently inside a boat somewhere on the Pacific ocean and is making it’s way to Brisbane port, ready to be delivered and used in anger (or, most likely, ambience) once again.

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Ultimately this means that I’ll no longer be recording bands. I might tempt myself with the occasional singer/songwriter project or the odd bit of mixing and mastering but the days of multitrack drums and blaring guitar amps are over. Instead I’m going to focus on the composition side of things much more, working remotely from my laptop and taking my trusty MIDI keyboard, Fender Stratocaster and vocal microphone with me wherever I decide to go. I’ve done it before with Egosoft when I worked on composing the X3: Terran Conflict and X-Rebirth soundtracks, and I’m currently in the middle of mixing a belter of an EP for the Welsh wizard that is Mr Barry Jones, so it makes sense to narrow the focus and develop the few select areas that seem to consistently strike a chord with me and regularly bring in projects. With the experience I’ve gained from doing this type of work and the familiarity I’ve built up with my current streamlined set up, I’ll be doing a lot more soundtrack work and writing for other people from now on, with the long term goal of building up a collaboration of musical gurus into a premium worldwide production team.

The future is a very exciting time, it would seem, with the present being a road that could lead absolutely anywhere.

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