London Grammar – If You Wait (That New Album Feeling)

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Every now and then some new music comes along and instantly lodges itself in your head. Recently, one particular album which goes by the name of If You Wait by London Grammar has done just that.

Whilst on holiday in Croatia last week (which is a lovely place, I cannot recommend it highly enough!) I was stumbling through another tourist tat shop when I heard a stunningly delicate guitar riff coming from the radio in the corner. My girlfriend Clare, wondering why I had just stopped dead in my tracks the middle of the shop blocking everyone else’s path, asked me if everything was alright. I just pointed towards this beautiful new sound and mumbled incoherently. “Oh that?” she said, “That’s London Grammar”. I recognised the name instantly but had never taken the time to listen to their music before and was left wondering why I hadn’t done so sooner.

The moment we got back to the apartment (and the free Wi-Fi of course) I found the below playlist and have proceeded to play it on loop since. If you haven’t already done so then I urge you to check them out too! Sublime stuff.

Listen to London Grammar – If You Wait

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