‘Keep Running’ Featured On BBC Radio Manchester

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It only seems like last week since I released my debut solo EP, A Way To Work It Out, (oh, wait…) and it’s already been played on BBC Radio Manchester! Quite literally only a couple of hours after uploading them, Michelle Hussey and Natalie-Eve Williams were kind enough to give my tracks a listen. I was then informed that the show would feature ‘Keep Running’ on their Introducing show, which was broadcast on Saturday evening across Manchester and online.

Listen To ‘Keep Running’ As Featured On BBC Radio Manchester:

Update (28/06/15)

Okay. So I may or may not have used the below line as the headline which accompanied my tracks on the BBC Introducing uploader:

Boy breaks up with girlfriend, immediately regrets decision, writes some songs to win her back and becomes a man in the process. That’s been done before, right?

Live on air last week, Michelle and Natalie picked up on this and questioned whether or not I did indeed win her back. This prompted the below twitter exchange:

Following this, they decided to play Keep Running on their Introducing show again last night, making it two weeks in a row! I’m not getting my hopes up too much yet but they also invited me in for a session, which is pretty exciting. No dates have been set but it looks like I’ll have to get some live versions of this EP worked out pretty sharpish…

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