Breaking Bad Remix

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I should probably start out by saying that I am a huge Breaking Bad fan. Thanks to Netflix I jumped on the bandwagon halfway through the third series and, after a couple of weeks of heavy viewing, never looked back. I’m sure that for many people the theme tune is quite iconic too, in particular that slide guitar while smoke wisps across the scene. Cue a scene of endless desert and glaring sun.

Maybe dubstep isn’t exactly your type of thing anymore but it’s hard to deny that this is a very clever mash up and, actually, quite a performance by MetroGnome. Having had the chance to play around with sampling, looping and live effects manipulation with Deafen The Creatures quite a bit over the past few years, the performance and use of Native Instruments’ Maschine is something I can relate to and this performance is massively impressive. I’d definitely recommend you check out his YouTube channel for more creative awesomeness. Regardless, this remix kicks like a mule with it’s balls wrapped in duct tape.

The costume change at 40 seconds in just makes it perfect though.

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