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alt-J – This Is All Yours (That New Album Feeling)

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Every now and then some new music comes along and instantly lodges itself in your head. I’m a massive fan of alt-J and their first release, An Awesome Wave, so as soon as I discovered that they were releasing This Is All Yours, I had to check it out. Now I can’t stop listening to it!

The production on this album by Charlie Andrew is second to none and each instrument has a clearly defined place in the mix. What’s even more impressive is the fact that, when it comes down to it, there’s not even that much instrumentation there in the first place. Each part has been recorded and mixed in such detail that even when there’s only, for example, just the vocals and an acoustic guitar (as in Pusher) or synth/sample (Hunger Of The Pine) the mix still sounds full. Nothing makes this more apparent than the drums which, in a similar vein to alt-J’s earlier work, are stripped back yet still drive the music forward and keep you bobbing your head to the beat.

The flow of the songs on the album is something else to be admired too. In an age where the single and the YouTube playlist reign supreme, there’s something to be said for sitting down with a good pair of headphones and letting a band tell you a story and take you on a journey.

Massively impressive stuff. I’ve got a feeling I’ll be listening to this for a while.

Listen to alt-J – This Is All Yours

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