A Collection Of ‘Studios’

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I have this terrible habit of never deleting anything. Especially not old pictures of studios and recording projects. Even though it’ll probably just sit on my hard drive and never be opened again, I have a fear that one day the very file I get rid of might be useful. Surely I’m not the only one who suffers from this digital form of hoarding? With this in mind, last week I decided that it was finally time to get out the spare USB stick and free up some space for sample libraries and mixdown folders (first world tecchie problems).

One thing I’ve noticed is that I tend to take a lot of pictures, whether a picture needed taking or not. The result is a pretty comprehensive photographic documentary of my life through whatever digital camera or, more recently, camera phone I owned at the time. My mission to declutter and free up some virtual space soon turned into a nostalgia trip, looking back at lots of photos of old memories I’d completely forgotten about. Something that came up quite often was music, studios and recording.

Below is a collection of photographs of various places of recording throughout the years. Most of them have a lot of significance and sentiment attached to them now but at the time it was just another place to record and to make some music. In a weird kind of way it makes you wonder what places and people you take for granted now will become a fond memory a few years down the line.


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