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Latest Posts

Working Remotely As An Audio Engineer
| |

With an internet connection the world becomes a very small place and working remotely as an audio engineer has never been easier. Back in December, while I was still living in the UK, I recorded some tracks for Barry Jones knowing full well that I would have to produce and... Read More

Ambience Of The World (Why I’ll Always Be Four Years Old)
| |

About a year and a half ago I decided to purchase an Olympus LS14. Although originally intended to be a quick and easy solution to recording outside of the studio for clients, I’ve since gotten into the habit of taking it with me everywhere. As an audio engineer I’ve been... Read More

Elite Dangerous Soundtrack
| |

During my recent move from the UK to Australia, I had to downscale. Pretty much everything I owned was crammed into a suitcase or a cardboard box set for a ten week journey across the pacific. One of the things that sadly didn’t make the list was my old iMac which,... Read More

Moving To Australia
| |

For those of you who know me personally this probably wont come as much of a surprise but, to those of you who I haven’t kept in touch with so well and those of you who I’ve never met at all, I’m now based in Australia! Yep, that’s right, I’ve... Read More

Recording With Barry Jones
| |

Over the past few months I’ve had the pleasure of recording a guy called Barry Jones. He’s rather good. Watch this space. Having spent many years writing, recording and touring the UK as the guitarist and backing vocalist for Through Colour/The Wild The Youth he is now embarking on the journey... Read More

Paraffin Oil Shop Are Back
| |

It’s not often that you get to see one of the best unsigned bands of your youth come back and play a reunion show. Even better when that band is the power house that is Paraffin Oil Shop. Seemingly on the brink of springboarding their way into the top... Read More

An Evening At The Jazz Club
| |

In a world obsessed with the latest sick drops and heavy tones, it’s refreshing to change the pace and kick back with something a little more established instead. Jazz club, held every Tuesday night at Widnes RUFC, known locally as ‘The Wids’, sees The Savoy Jazzmen play host to a laid back evening... Read More

London Grammar – If You Wait (That New Album Feeling)
| |

Every now and then some new music comes along and instantly lodges itself in your head. Recently, one particular album which goes by the name of If You Wait by London Grammar has done just that. Whilst on holiday in Croatia last week (which is a lovely place, I cannot recommend... Read More